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TCHO Chocolates

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TCHO (pronounced “cho”), is a “pod to palate” chocolate company, located on Pier 17 in San Francisco.  BSG CraftBrewing is the exclusive distributor of TCHO cacao nibs to breweries. Cacao nibs are small pieces of crushed roasted cacao beans.

Cacao nibs are the easiest and most natural way of incorporating a rich chocolate flavor into specialty beers. A simple post fermentation addition in the fermentor and a week of contact time is all that is required prior to filtration or fining/racking. Adding the nibs is similar to adding hops for a dry hop addition. Consider it “dry nibbing”!

TCHO cacao nibs are special because they are of the highest quality and when possible, they are sourced from “beyond fair trade” farms. The TCHO source farmers are taught to grow and ferment better beans, so they can escape commodity production and become premium producers.

The sourcing of the various types of TCHO cacao nibs is “flavor driven” and based on specific flavor characteristics of the cacao beans, like Fruity, Nutty, Citrusy and Chocolatey.

Cacao nibs are super high in natural anti-oxidants. According to the USDA, ounce for ounce, dark chocolate has 6X more antioxidants than Blueberries. A dark chocolate bar has twice the anti-oxidants of red wine, and seven times that of green tea. The antioxidants in dark chocolate come from the nibs, so pure nibs are even more concentrated!