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T-45 Hop Pellets

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T-45 hop pellets are also known as “concentrated hop pellets” or “lupulin-enriched hop pellets.” They contain a higher concentration of the aromatic oils and bittering resins from whole hop cones, while the proportion of polyphenols and other vegetative matter is reduced.

T-45 hop pellets can be used anywhere T-90 pellets would be incorporated, but are ideal for aroma, whirlpool, and dry hop additions.

Due to the higher concentration of acids and oils in T-45 pellets, hop charges in many recipes can be reduced by approximately 50% vs. T-90 pellets or whole hop cones. In the brewhouse and cellar this means reduced wort loss, higher sellable beer yields, and easier cleanup.

We recommend conducting trials to determine the optimal T-45 usage rate for your formulation.

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