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    A versatile brewing ingredient that packs a big flavor punch at a lower cost! Concentrated lupulin-enriched hop pellets for greater efficiency, sustainability and beer yield. Contains only 45% of original cone weight for concentrated flavor and greater revenue per barrel. T-45 hop pellets are a more efficient, sustainable alternative to T-90s. Find out the specifications for each variety on the product detail pages.

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    German Amarillo® T-45

    T-45 pellets. Grown and processed in Germany from the same plant as the Amarillo® found in US fields.

    German Ariana T-45

    T-45 pellets. Aromatic hop with fruit, berry, and citrus notes coupled with resinous and herbal back tones.

    German Callista T-45

    T-45 pellets. Pleasing, noble-type aromatics with fruity and herbal tones.

    German Hallertau Blanc T-45

    T-45 pellets. Next-generation German hops for 21st century craft beer: highly aromatic, tropical, floral, and fruity.

    German Hallertau Mittelfrüh T-45

    T-45 pellets. The quintessential noble hop: welcome in any Continental ale or lager style.

    German Huell Melon T-45

    T-45 pellets. True to its name, Hüll Melon delivers soft notes of ripe melon and bright berry.

    German Mandarina Bavaria T-45

    T-45 pellets. Mandarina Bavaria is a tangerine machine that’s intense, sweet, and distinctive.