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    Crisp Malting’s extensive range of kiln-produced special malts offer brewers the opportunity to control, adjust, emphasize and intensify the color, mouthfeel and flavor characteristics of their beers.

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    Crisp Clear Choice Malt

    Crisp Clear Choice is recommended for hazy IPAs and other cloudy styles, where oxidative darkening of polyphenols is a concern. The clarity benefits of Clear Choice® are not just evident in bottle, can and keg, but also help produce extremely bright cask beer too.

    Crisp Dark Munich Malt

    The malty flavors associated with Munich Malt contrast with the caramel-like flavors associated with crystal malts and the golden to reddish hues of the color is popular in some beer styles.

    Crisp Dextrin Malt

    When used with a modern well-modified base malt Dextrin Malt provides the brewer with an opportunity to increase body and to improve head retention.

    Crisp Light Munich Malt

    The malty flavors associated with Munich Malt add a beautiful subtle complexity to many beer styles.