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    Shipping Challenges

    Shipping Challenges

    On-time delivery remains a challenge for the US freight industry

     Spring is around the corner and as Covid-19 vaccinations continue to roll out across the country, signs look to be indicating strong economic growth in 2021. We are very grateful for the resilience of our industry throughout the significant challenges of the past year, and thankful that many of our customers were able to find creative and resourceful ways to continue bringing their products to market. Demand for brewing ingredients remained strong throughout 2020 and we expect that demand to continue. 

    As our economy begins to recover, that growth is bumping into several unique and notable obstacles currently affecting the North American freight market. Over the past few weeks, we have seen the negative effects of the large weather events in Texas and other parts of the Southeast. Those events took place in a freight market that was already experiencing a shortage of drivers and imbalances in their networks. Many carriers enacted temporary embargoes and were not picking up freight traveling to entire states. While they were not servicing those states, the freight continued to pile up at their warehouses and the recovery from these weather events continues to be drawn out. 

    As carriers attempt to dig out from this backlog of freight, we will continue to see on-time delivery issues over the next several weeks. BSG is actively sourcing additional capacity and establishing relationships with new carriers. We realize that on-time deliveries are a critical metric for many of our customers. To that end, we ask that when possible additional lead time be given when placing an order. BSG suggests allowing for a 48-hour buffer between planned delivery arrival and your “drop-dead date” – when you must have product on hand to brew or on the shelves for customers. This will help reduce any major impacts to your brew schedule or shelf cycle. 

    Thank you very much for you continued partnership. We greatly appreciate your business and relationships and will continue to do our best to deliver on-time and intact.


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