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    Crisp Torrefied Flaked Maize (corn) - 25kg

    Crisp Torrefied Flaked Maize is a pre-gelatinized, ready to mash cereal grain.

    Non-GM Corn Sugar (Dextrose) - 55 lb

    Pure dextrose converted from non-GM corn starch, 100% fermentable.

    OIO Flaked Corn - 50 lb

    These are mash ready and will provide subtle flavor and mouthfeel contributions to beer. Suitable for up to 40% of grist total. This is a pre-gelatinized flaked grain that does not require milling. 89.9% extract.

    Purple Corn Whole NON GMO 50lb

    Whole, unmalted and unmodified heirloom purple corn is an excellent addition to the mashbill for bourbon or corn whiskey; brewers can use it for color and flavor adjustment in pale lager, traditional cream ale, and other beer styles.