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RTC Beers at CBC 2018

The Rahr Technical Center Brewery has been busy brewing for the past several months, and you can have a chance to sample the results at the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville. The RTC beers encompass a wide range of styles highlighting the flavors and aromas of some of the ingredients available from BSG’s suppliers.

If you’ll be joining us in Nashville for the CBC, you will be able to find these – along with many others – at #JunosBar, BSG’s 360°beer station at booth #2032, on a rotating basis during all 3 days of BrewExpo America®.

Schokolager– a Bohemian dark lager flavored with TCHO cacao nibs. The nibs were dosed into the tank post-fermentation, and amplify the chocolate notes from a grist composed of floor-malted Bohemian Pilsner and Bohemian Dark, Carabohemian®, and Carafa® II Spezial from Weyermann®.

Cash Honey IPA  – a west coast IPA with Gambrinus Pale and Honey malts in the grist and loaded up with Cashmere hops.

Victorian Steam Packet  – a collaboration with Crisp Malting Group, this California Common was brewed with Chevallier Heritage Malt and Vic Secret hops – the combination of an earthy, biscuity 19thcentury barley variety with dank 21stcentury hops is dramatic. Crisp’s Colin Johnston, who traveled to the RTC for the brew day, explains the name:

This beer is a melding of the old and the new worlds. A celebration on 3 continents and 2 times; of a bygone age of Victorian malt and brewing, new world hops from Australia and Californian steam beer yeast evoking the Scottish and English diaspora taking people from the old to the new on steam packets in the heady days of global exploration and emigration.

Je Suis Prest– taking its name from the Simpson family crest (“I am ready”), this Scotch ale spotlights Simpsons Finest Golden Promise™Golden Naked Oats®, and DRC™. Fermented with a Scottish ale yeast, big waves of warm, toffee-like malt mask the abv% of this sneaky sipper.

Fun fact from Miz: the theoretical max capacity of the RTC Brewery’s grist case is 80 kg, and this batch was 85 kg – good thing Miz was Prest.

Eraclea Kölsch– This iteration of the uses Weyermann® Type Cologne Malt and Weyermann® Eraclea Pilsner, a terroir malt from Italy’s Adriatic coast. The mash pH was adjusted with Weyermann’s new Sour Wort (more info on that coming soon!)

Ähnlich wie Andy’s – “Similar to Andy’s,” this German IPA, based on a recipe by Andreas Gahr, features PolarisSaphirHüll MelonHallertau Blanc, and Callista hops from HVG.

Saison du Château  – a classic Belgian farmhouse ale brewed with Castle Malts and fermented with Fermentis BE-134, and presented highly carbonated at 3 volumes.

Talagante Vienna– This is a traditional old-world amber lager that makes use of new world base malts. Miz formulated this recipe with Patagonia ViennaMunich, and Caramel 170 malts and conducted a decoction mash to achieve a tight balance between caramel and toasty malt character.  It was charged with Czech hops and fermented with Fermentis W-34/70 for a classic Vienna lager character.

Rakau IPA – a spotlight dance for New Zealand Rakau hops, expect this IPA to hit with a myrcene-heavy nose of pine underneath big wafts of peach and grapefruit.

Waimea IPA– New Zealand Waimea is the featured soloist in this IPA – this high-alpha variety is also big in the myrcene department, supplying concentrated impressions of oily citrus and pine.

Fruited IPAs– kegs of the above IPAs will be spiked with natural fruit flavors from Kerry. Look for grapefruit, mango, and pineapple versions, augmenting and complementing the character of the hops used in each.

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