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Recap: Brewing with Witch Hunt


Centuries ago, women brewsters would don their long, pointed hats, hang their broomsticks above their door to signal business was open, and get to work brewing in their large cauldrons. The visual should conjure up the image of a classic witch, complete with a cat to case away mice and vermin from the brewing ingredients. While modern brewsters have ditched the broomsticks and cauldrons, the term “witch” carries on to become a positive affirmation with the organization Witch Hunt in Minneapolis. Witch Hunt focuses its efforts on the education and professional development of women and non-binary folx in craftbrewing.

On February 22nd, Witch Hunt held its second brew day at Barrel Theory in St. Paul, MN. There, they led a tour of the brewing process for an eager-to-learn group from within and outside the craft brewing industry. BSG’s Juno Choi and Liz Humensky joined the tour, and participated as the group went through the process, from auger to barrel fermentation.

Between waiting times, the group was treated to presentations on different yeast strains, including the types that went to the mixed fermentation beer they brewed that day, and sensory tastings.

To find out more about Witch Hunt, check out their website and Facebook page to keep up to date on their educational and networking events.

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