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Recap: ACSA Craft on Ice Distillers’ Convention


The ACSA’s Distillers’ Convention & Vendor Trade Show wrapped up last week in Minneapolis, MN. This year’s theme, Craft on Ice, paired well with the heavy winter conditions that turned the area outside the convention into a winter wonderland. Inside, attendees were treated to various presentations and exhibitors from across the industry, and given opportunities to network with numerous craft distillers and vendors. Tours of local Minnesota distilleries and distilling suppliers ran on Sunday during the first day of the convention, which included a tour of BSG and Rahr Malting Co.’s Shakopee campus.

Sunday night was a hockey game put on by the ACSA at the Minnesota Made Ice Center. Teams were divided randomly between assorted distillers, vendors, and BSG/Rahr employees. The teams were divided by jersey color, and the Home Team wearing the white jerseys won in a down to the wire game, the final score 8-7. 

Presentations ran throughout the event, such as the Sensory Analysis and Tasting of Malt Whiskey Mash Distillations put on by BSG’s Ilya Soroka, Dr. Patricia Aron of Rahr Malting Co, and Seth Reid of 11 Wells Spirits Co. 

Next year’s convention will be held March 29-31 in Portland, Oregon. 

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