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Rahr Dextrin Malt in the Brewhouse: Ragged Island Brewing, Summer Wheat Lager

Whether you’re looking to boost mouthfeel in a hazy or to show off a mousse like foam stand on a pils, Rahr Dextrin Malt was designed to improve your beer. The malt’s lower modification and higher protein levels provide better body, improved haze formation, and stable foam, while its low color makes it suitable to use in even the palest styles.

We recently had a chance to speak with Derek Luke, head brewer at Ragged Island Brewing, to hear about his recent experience using Rahr Dextrin Malt in their Summer Wheat Lager.


What was your experience using the malt?

Rahr Dextrin Malt certainly provided quality foam stability and lent a nice round fullness to the final brew. I was expecting 2.3° Plato terminal from 12 °with a mash in temp of 149.5° F and it finished right on cue. As for color, because we used a decent punch of wheat, I can’t really comment on the final hue—but the beer was certainly pretty! We also saw many of our Providence brethren really enjoying it. And who doesn’t appreciate a little validation of your brewing prowess? Further, we plan to brew the same recipe again later!

What attracted you to the malt?

We were looking for something on the lighter side that would contribute to foam stability and not leave a cloyingly high terminal gravity.

What beer did you brew with the malt?

We decided to brew an Italian inspired dry hopped lager that would refreshingly satisfy summer thirsts. With so many professional brewers coming from around the country for the 2022 Brewing Summit (joint ASBC/MBAA technical conference), we wanted to create something people could enjoy a few of!

What are your impressions of the malt?

Light. Bready. Complementing the softness of the wheat nicely.

How’d the final beer turn out?

Let’s just say we look forward to adding it to our seasonal repertoire.  It turned out refreshing, slightly hazy, and light bodied. With notes of lemon and citrus are balanced by a faint green-tea bitterness and clean finish. We have a feeling our Summer Wheat Lager is the perfect brew for a hot summer day.

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