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Premium® Whisky-Lattone SG – 500g

American Oak, vanilla, soft mouthfeel, granulated.

premium whisky lattone sg g


This tannin is extracted from American oak, toasted and then granulated for instant solubility in water. This unique Enologica Vason process produces a product that is easier to use while maintaining its organoleptic characteristics. Premium Whisky- Lattone SG contains polyphenolic substances with less aggressive organoleptic characteristics, capable of heightening the structure of vintage wines, without overshadowing their character. It is renowned for its refinement even when used at higher dose levels.

Uses & Directions: Can be used in both red and white wines, vinegar and other distilled beverages. If used in new red wines this tannin will also assist with color stabilization. With new white wines, it will add structural complexity and increase protein stability. For all wines it will enhance resistance to oxidation, and can act used as a fining agent. Bench trials are essential to assess organoleptic qualities. Dissolve tannin in a 1:10 ratio with water. NOTE: use only in protein-stable wines.