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New Zealand Taiheke®

Duel purpose New Zealand grown cultivar with remarkable citrus and tropical fruit characteristics.

Alpha Acid Range %
Beta Acid Range %
Co-Humulone as % of Alpha
Total Oil mL/100 g


Breeding/Development:  New Zealand. As the first commercially bred hop to come from the USDA-ARS program when first released in 1972, Taiheke is bred from crossing an English Fuggle and a male variety thought to be a crossing of Fuggle with the Russian variety of Serebrianka.

Brewing Application:  A fruit-forward aroma and oil profile makes Taiheke® stand out when used as a single variety throughout multiple kettle additions, or when thrown in as a late addition or for dry hopping duty.

Sensory:  Remarkable levels of citrus notes that lean towards tropical fruit characteristics, such as grapefruit and lime.

Botanical Classification:
Family: Cannabaceae
Genus: Humulus
Species: Lupulus

Maturity: Early Season Medium