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New COA App from Crisp Malt

Crisp Malting Group is renowned for their commitment to tradition, but the UK’s leading independent malting company is a dedicated innovator as well. Now, with a quick scan from a smartphone, brewers can access certificates of analysis for their malts anywhere and at any time. 

In response to increasing demand for lot-specific data, Crisp began printing QR codes directly onto bag labels at the end of 2015 (as of this writing, we expect customers to start receiving these in shipments soon). The QR codes link through to the analyses for individual batches of malt, allowing customers easier access to this important information. The Crisp app is required to scan the QR codes printed on Crisp malt sack labels.

The app, which is available for free download, is currently available only for Apple users – search iTunes for “CMG CoA” or download here.

An Android version is in development.


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