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Meet HS Grove™, a Stone Fruit Aroma Factory

Hello Peaches and Plums! We are pleased as punch to introduce HS Grove™, the latest blend produced by the Hop Solutions program.

Making its debut at CBC 2023 in Nashville and available exclusively from BSG, HS Grove is formulated for maximizing aromatics in the Drupe department. Drupe is another term for Stone Fruit, if you’re not familiar.

Pulling from apricots and mangoes and various berries plucked ripe from the bush, HS Grove offers up additional notes of orange, papaya, and pine resin to round out a range of hop-forward beer styles. It’s ideal for big IPAs from both coasts as well as the brilliant Pale Ales we all grew up on.

Designed for late kettle, whirlpool, and dry hopping applications, HS Grove boasts badass biotransformation qualities to boot. The professional brewers and scientists at the Rahr Technical Center report a bigger berry presence and elevated earthiness when biotransformation occurs.

Stuff even more stone fruit flavor into your next hoppy beer. Holler at your BSG Rep for HS Grove!

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