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Malt U 2019 Recap


On Friday, July 19th, BSG held its second annual Malt U, a two-day symposium dedicated to discussing and educating brewers on all things malt. Brewers were treated with tours, presentations, and plenty of food and beer to go around. Day One of Malt U was held at Surly Brewing Co., where brewers attended an educational seminar that covered the following topics and guest speakers: 

–      Malting 101 & Rahr Overview: Aaron Eernisse 

–      Malt Certificates of Analyses: Juan Medina

–      Development of Drought Tolerant Barley Varieties: Dr. Gongshe Hu 

–      Malt Transportation & Supply Chain: Grant McDonough 

–      Recent Studies at the RTC: Dr. Xiang S. Yin 

–      Bulk Malt Considerations: Ashton Lewis 

Attendees also got to tour and explore Surly’s brewing facilities. 


Day Two was comprised of group tours around the Rahr and BSG campus. Attendees were taken around the Rahr Technical Center, Rahr Malthouses, KODA Energy, and the BSG Warehouse and given the history of the companies and how they interreact with the surrounding Shakopee community. 

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