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Kerry BioHaze™ 20 kg

BioHaze™ instantly increases haze and maintains the cloudy effect in beer.

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BioHaze™ is a specifically developed product designed to deliver natural and stable turbid or cloudy appearance in beer. Added post-filter, it allows the brewer to achieve the correct visual appearance using otherwise standard lager or pale ale ingredients. BioHaze™ increases the haze instantly and maintains the cloudy effect in beer. Results of Kerry’s extensive research, development, and application trials show that BioHaze™ is unique with regard to stability, and does not sediment easily when compared with existing technologies.

Application & Usage Rate

Bench trials are recommended to determine optimal usage rate.

Prepare a 2-5% solution in water as described below. Recommended dose rate is 0.1 – 0.2 lb/bbl (50-100 g/hl, or 500 to 1000 ppm), which is equal to a 2.5 – 5 liters of a 2% solution, or 1-2 liters of 5% solution (wt/vol) per hl of beer. If this solution is to be used within a day of preparation, there is no need to add preservative.

Preparation of a 2% Solution: 

When preparing a solution of BioHaze™, a standard agitator is sufficient. BioHaze™ disperses easier in cold water, so it is best to use cold water, and sufficient time should be given stirring to ensure complete dissolution. Proceed as follows using standard high-speed agitator for 1000 liters of a 2.0% solution:

  • Place 264 gallons (1000 liters) of cold water in tank and turn on the agitator until a good vortex is formed.
  • Take 20 kg of BioHaze™ and add slowly at the vortex, ensuring no lumps are formed.
  • Stir until dissolved – time will be dependent on the water temperature and the speed of agitator. The cooler the water the easier it is to disperse, however dissolution is slower at low temperatures.

To prepare a 2% solution for 10 bbl of beer, use 1 kg of BioHaze™ dissolved in 50L of cold H2O; to prepare a 2% solution for 1 bbl of beer, use 100g of BioHaze™ dissolved in 5L of cold H2O.