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    Grower Profile: Miroslav Krupička, Krupička Farm


    Miroslav Krupička 

    Krupička Farm 

    KozojedySaaz Region 


    Krupička Farm is focused on the production of a single landrace variety. Saaz hops have been grown in this part of the Czech Republic for hundreds of years, and Miroslav Krupička has continued this tradition on his family’s farm when he started helping his parents with their 3 ha of Saaz in 1994.   

    At the time of this writing the acreage has more than doubled to 8 ha, and Miroslav hopes to increase it further. Helping him run the farm today are his wife and two children.  

    His favorite variety to grow? Take a guess. 

    Total acreage: 8 ha  

    Varieties grown: Saaz 

    Machinery/facilities: Wolf picking machine, 1 drying machine of Miroslav’s own design, 1 press  

    Industry & trade memberships: Chmelarstvi Cooperative Žatec