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Grower Profile: Jessica, Kevin, Keith, & Steve Riel, Double ‘R’ Hop Ranches

Jessica, Kevin, Keith, & Steve Riel 

Double ‘R’ Hop Ranches 

Harrah, WA 


To trace the history of Double ‘R’ Hop Ranches, you have to go back to the Pacific Northwest of the 19th century: Wilfred Riel emigrated to the Yakima Valley in the 1890s, where he worked for the Moxee Hop Company and started a family. His descendant Willie A. Riel, and his wife Yvette, founded Double ‘R’ in 1945, a year before the little town of Harrah, WA was officially incorporated. They raised hops, potatoes, and Hereford cattle. Willie’s sons Jerome and Leonard added orchard fruit to the list of crops, and continued to grow hops. 

Today, Kevin, Keith, Steve, and Jessica Riel draw on these deep roots to put a focus on growing quality hops 

“We love learning from the new challenges of each growing season to expand our knowledge. Sometimes we get excited about growing a new, experimental baby and at other times we appreciate the longevity and history behind some of our more mature yards. We hope Riels will continue to farm here well into the future.”   

Total acreage:  ~1,100 

Varieties grown:  Amarillo®, Bravo, Cascade, Centennial, Cluster, Citra®Ekuanot, Eureka!, HBC 682, Sorachi Ace, Willamette, & Zeus

Machinery/facilities: We have two picking facilities: Home Place and St. Mary, both with complete modified Dauenhauer harvesters, kilns and conditioning/baling rooms. 

Farm certifications: Global G.A.P.  

Industry & trade memberships: Hop Growers of Washington board member, Washington Hop Commission board member and Hop Growers of America board member. 

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