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Grower Profile: Dean Palmer, Hinetai Hops

Dean Palmer

Hinetai Hops

Tapawera, Nelson, New Zealand

Hinetai Hops is owned and operated by 5th-generation hop farmer Dean Palmer. Dean’s father John founded Hinetai in 1992, but the farm’s roots run much deeper: Dean’s great-great-grand-uncle C.A. Palmer farmed in Waimea West, and his hops won first prize at the Melbourne Exhibition of 1881.

Hinetai was just one of two hop farms in the Tapawera area for over two decades; now it is an area of rapid growth with 11 established hop farms and more in development.

A two-time NZ Hops Grower of The Year Award-winner, Hinetai has been involved in research and trialing new varieties for over 15 years. Dean was an early adopter of Nelson Sauvin™, growing it at Hinetai since the late 2000s.

“We aim to improve our environmental footprint and sustainability,” says Dean. “Growing some acreage organically has been a great learning process. Where we’ve had success with certain methods, we have then adopted that process across the rest of the farm.”

Total Acreage: 160 ha

Varieties Grown: Nelson Sauvin™, Pacifica™, Motueka™Rakau™, Wai-iti™Green Bullet

Machinery/Facilities: One Dauenhauer Picker and seven kiln beds.

Industry & Trade Memberships: Shareholder Supplier NZ Hops Ltd.

Farm Certifications: New Zealand G.A.P, BioGro NZ Organic Certification, IFOAM International Accreditation for Organic Agriculture.

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