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Grower Profile: Anton & Beate Schlagbauer, Plank


Anton & Beate Schlagbauer


Laimerstadt, Hallertau

Founded in 1820 by Johann Schlagbauer (although, as is the case with many farms in Hallertau, hops were already being grown here) Anton and Beate are the 6thgeneration to farm Plank. 

Growing a mix of traditional and new hop varieties, the Schlagbauer’s personal favorite is Hallertau Blanc “because it is relatively easy to grow and healthy. And the smell during harvest is overwhelming!

Total acreage:  

65  ha

Varieties grown:

Herkules, Hallertau Blanc, Hersbrucker,  Perle, Spalter Select, German Amarillo®,  Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, Hallertauer Tradition


One fully equipped harvesting facility with two picking machines  

Farm certifications:Iso 9001  

Industry & trade  memberships:  

German Hop Growers Association, Farmers association,  Supervisory Board  Member of  HVG, Hopfenring, Maschinenring  

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