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German Hersbrucker

A workhorse aroma hop for refined European-style beers.

german hersbrucker
Alpha Acid Range %
1.5 - 4.0
Beta Acid Range %
2.5 - 6.0
Co-Humulone as % of Alpha
17 - 25
Total Oil mL/100 g
0.5 - 1.0


Breeding/Development: Germany. Originating as the landrace variety in the Hersbruck Mountains of Franconia, significant acreage is now under Hersbrucker in Spalt and Hallertau as well.

Brewing Application: Aroma. Hersbrucker is traditional in the lightly-hopped lagers and ales of southern Germany and does excellent work in Munich-style pale and dark lager, Weissbier, Oktoberfest, and Bock. Its mellow spiciness is also at home in many Belgian ale or more hop-forward lagers like Pils.  

Sensory: Floral and herbal – similar to Mittelfrüh, but with an added element of fruit and more dominant spice component; in a good crop year, Hersbrucker can be a bit more pungent than Mittelfrüh as well. Look for suggestions of dried green herbs, candied citrus, and tree fruit.

Maturity: Mid to late

Yield: 1700 kg/ha