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German Callista Enriched Hop Pellets

Enriched hop pellets. Pleasing, noble-type aromatics with fruity and herbal tones.

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Alpha Acid Range %
Total Oil mL/100 g


Breeding/Development: Germany. Callista was developed at Hüll Research Center with parentage from Hallertau Tradition and a male breeding line.

Brewing Application: Enriched Hop Pellets can be used anywhere T-90 pellets would be incorporated, but are ideal for aroma, whirlpool and dry hop additions. Due to the higher concentration of acids and oils in enriched pellets, hop charges in many recipes can be reduced by approximately 50% vs. T-90 pellets or whole hop cones. We recommend conducting trials to determine the optimal usage rate for your formulation.

Sensory: Intense fruit flavors of stone fruits (apricot and peach), red berries, and passion fruit. With low alpha and outstanding aromatics, Callista is excellent for late or dry hop additions.

Maturity: Middle to late

Yield: Data not yet available