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GABF 2018 Recap


This year’s Great American Beer Festival (GABF) took off in Denver, Co, and BSG joined the other 62,000 attendees in the festivities. BSG had a booth at the event, and offered up a hop and malt sensory experience for those attending, in which seven malts and five varieties of brewer’s cuts were available for a “rub & sniff” evaluation. Of these, the new Idaho Gem hops were available to test out.

Among the events at GABF, BSG joined in for midday refreshments at the Brewer’s Lunch on Friday.

In the spirit of GABF, each of the last four years BSG has developed limited-time hats for brewer customers. This year’s hat was themed after the Back to the Future trilogy, and made to look like the “future” hat Mary McFly wore in Back to the Future 2. BSG’s members at the booth dressed up as some of the characters from Back to the Future. Great Scott!

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