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Fünke Canadien Saison to pour at CBC

Funke Canadien

Fünke Canadien, a collaboration between Sudwerk Brewing Co. of Davis, CA and BSG’s Peter Hoey, has returned for a second year.

This open-fermented, Brettanomyces-finished saison will be released locally at the Pangaea Café on April 1, and will also be featured at BSG’s beer station at the Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia in May.

The malts for the grain bill all came from BSG, and consisted of:

Rahr Alix 2-Row
Rahr Malted White Wheat
Rahr Unmalted Wheat
Grain Millers Flaked Oats
Weyermann® Acidulated

The wort was bittered to approximately 30 IBUs and finished with Styrian Golding and Tradition hops. OG was 14° Plato, anticipated FG approx. 1° Plato.

After fermentation in open tanks, the beer was racked and inoculated with BSI Brett Drei for secondary.

We look forward to sharing a glass with you at CBC ’16!

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