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    Flavors & Additions

    BSG CraftBrewing offers a wide range of flavors and additions that can be used to add subtle to robust flavors, character and unique qualities to your beer.

    Our offering of spices can turn an ordinary beer into something unique and interesting. From lemongrass to Chamomile, BSG offers a wide variety of pre-dried spices to accent nearly any style of beer. A selection of spice bags in various sizes is also available.

    We also carry a range of oak products.  Oak aging is a popular way to add depth and sophistication to beers.  Available in French or American and a variety of toast levels, oak can create a subtle hint of flavors or boldly pronounced oak essence in beer. Oak spirals are a more cost effective and convenient way to add oak characteristics to brews.

    Not to be overlooked, our offering of fruit flavorings answer the demand for one of the oldest flavor additives in the history of brewing.  BSG CraftBrewing offers fruit purees that for those looking to use real pieces of fruit as well as easy-to-use fruit flavorings. Once popular for wheat beers, fruit accents are now commonly used many styles of beer to add complexity and uniqueness.

    Finally, we proudly carry TCHO Chocolates which can create a wonderful depth of flavor in stouts and porters. BSG CraftBrewing offers TCHO Cacao nibs from Ghana and Ecuador, each with their own distinct flavor profile. From deep, rich chocolate flavors to subtle nutty accents, TCHO Cacao nibs offer high quality and consistent flavor to beers.