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    FlavorActiV™ has specialized in supplying Beer Flavor Standards since 1996 and is the world’s only provider of pharmaceutical quality produced and controlled GMP Flavor Standards for use in beer, wine, cider, carbonated soft drinks, waters and many other beverages to help train professional sensory panels. 

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    FlavorActiV™ Beginner Kit

    The Beginner sensory training kit is ideal for home brewers and brew pub staff. This kit contains 5 different GMP Flavor Standard capsules; each capsule dissolves in one liter of beer allowing you to train 10–15 people per capsule.

    FlavorActiV™ Enthusiast Kit

    The Enthusiast Brewer Sensory kit is ideal for experienced home brewers, microbreweries and brewing enthusiasts and contains 10 different capsules of the most common occurring off-flavors and taints found in beer.

    FlavorActiV™ Professional Kit

    For the larger Craft Brewer, the professional kit provides 20 different GMP Flavor Standards to train your sensory panel in the full range of flavors commonly experienced.