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First Look at Vista: Introducing the USDA’s Newest Hop

The USDA’s hop breeding program made news again when its latest public hop variety was announced earlier this spring. Vista – the hop formerly known as USDA Experimental #074 – was bred in 2006 at the USDA’s Agricultural Research Station in Corvallis, OR. Its ancestry includes Perle, Northern Brewer, and Hallertauer, and it was selected for both its unique (and very well-received in sensory trials!) flavor profile and high yield potential.

As a product of the USDA’s public hop breeding program, Vista helps ensure that all growers have access to new and profitable genetics, and that brewers have access to high-quality hops at a competitive price.

Not Vista hops, but a vista of hops

Vista in the Brewhouse

Vista joins Cashmere (released 2013) and Triumph (released 2019) as the USDA’s latest public hop variety aimed at modern consumer preferences and industry trends for heavily hopped hazy and juicy beer styles.

As a soloist, expect Vista to contribute flavors and aromas of honeydew melon, papaya, and tropical fruit backed with white peach and ripe pear. Feedback from brewers who have used it in commercial brewing trials conducted by Hop Research Council has been that Vista “plays well” with other hops.

Hops for the People from Surly Brewing Co., featuring Vista hops

One such trial took place at Surly Brewing of Minneapolis, MN. Surly used Vista for a trial brew in partnership with the Hop Growers of America and USDA.

Ben Smith
Ben Smith

“With base analysis of the pellets, we found melon, tropical and herbal notes and decided to brew a Juicy IPA,” Surly’s Head Brewer Ben Smith told us. “The finished beer had great tropical and stone fruit notes as well as citrus and a slight but pleasant herbal component.  We paired Vista with Centennial to feature public hop varietals for the collab, but I’m excited to work with Vista in the future in blends with other hops – I think it’s a great hop on its own but will also add complexity as part of a blend.”

Vista in Your Brewhouse

As with any new hop variety in its first release year, available quantities are limited – please get in touch with BSG for spot availability and forward contracting.

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