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Fermentis SafAle™ S-33 – 11.5g

Robust, high alcohol tolerant yeast for a wide range of top fermented beers.

% Dry Weight
94.0 - 96.5
Usage Rate
50 - 80 g/hl in primary, 2.5 - 5 g/hl for bottle conditioning
Fermentation Temperature
53.6 - 77º F, ideally 59 - 68º F
Residual Sugars
25 g/l at an apparent attenuation of 70%
Store in cool (< 50º F), dry conditions
Total Esters
27 ppm at 18ºP at 20ºC in EBC tubes
Total Superior Alcohols
209 ppm at 18ºP at 20ºC in EBC tubes
Shelf Life
36 months from production date. 7 days if opened.
Viable Cells At Packaging
>1 x 10^10 cfu/g for ales | >6 x 10^9 cfu/g for lagers


A general purpose, widely used ale yeast with low sedimentation properties. Extremely consistent, with excellent wort attenuation and a superb flavor profile. Notably recommended for Alt beers and Abbey style beers.

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