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FermCap™ Eco 20 kg

FermCap™ Eco is a sustainable plant-based processing aid developed to increase fermenter capacity by reducing foam height, thereby improving beer foam stability and enhancing hop utilization.

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Developed as a part of part of Kerry’s Eco Brewing range, FermCap™ Eco is a plant-based alternative to traditional silicon-based products.

FermCap™ Eco can increase fermenter capacity up to 7-15% and is optimized to work with cross flow filtration membranes. Allowing for 57% reduction in beer filtration time compared to untreated beer. It is not sensitive to cold temperature storage, can enhance hop (alpha-acid) utilization, and reduces wort loss while maximizing CO2 recovery.

FermCap™ Eco is a sustainable and efficient option for foam control in fermentation processes that does not impact beer flavor.

FermCap™ Eco Sell Sheet