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BSG Hops sources hops directly from our grower partners around the world, then process, store, and ship them with industry-leading quality assurance standards. We provide superior logistics and customer service thanks to our network of distribution centers and the expertise of our technical sales team.

Support Local Hop Farmers

Planning and ordering your ingredients ahead of time informs farmers which hops are in greatest demand for them to plant. Demand planning helps eliminate guess work for farmers and is vitally important to their success. Hop plants can take up to 5 years to become fully mature, profitable, and high enough production for brewer demand.

Interested in obtaining a hard-to-grow variety? Schedule a meeting with a BSG Craft Brewing sales associate to discuss your ingredient wish list so we can pre-order with farmers and give them time to grow.

Our Process

We are dedicated to supplying the brewing industry with the highest-quality hops through careful control of the entire supply chain. Our headquarters was built in 2014 and has expanded almost every year since. In 2020 our hop processing facility received FSSC 22000 certification. From harvest and processing to storage and shipment, BSG Hops maintains full traceability and regulatory compliance.

Hop selection, simplified.

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Great Pedding Farm

A.C. Hulme & Sons, Great Pedding Farm in Wingham, Kent, UK

Great Pedding has a history of excellent yields of great quality hops, with East Kent Goldings being a particular favorite.

New Zealand Hop Farmers

B & D Farms, St. Paul, Oregon, USA

Ben and Dave Smith grew up moving pipe, driving tractor, and generally helping out during harvest on their father’s farm, and knew from an early age that they wanted to continue this legacy.

Bein Pichlmeyer

Beim Pichlmeyer in Gräfendorf & Haseneck, Hallertau, Germany

Karl and Marion Pichlmeyer operate Beim Pichlmeyer, the 4th generation farm in Bavaria where sustainability, quality, and passion for hops are their focus.

Double R Hop Ranch

Double 'R' Hop Ranches in Washington, USA

Kevin, Keith, Steve, and Jessica Riel draw on these deep roots of Double ‘R’ Hop Ranches to put a focus on growing quality hops.


Grubwinn-Wolnzach in Hallertau, Germany

Magdalena Schlapfl was a brewmaster before she entered the hop-growing business in a small Bavarian village in 1919. Four generations later her descendant Adolf is embracing the 21st century craft brewing by producing high-quality new aroma varieties.

Hinetai Hops

Hinetai Hops in Tapawera, Nelson, New Zealand

A two-time NZ Hops Grower of the Year Award winner, Hinetai has been involved in research and trialing new varieties for over 15 years.

Hukins Hops

Hukins Hops in Tenterden, Kent, UK

Founded in 1880 by Alexander Hukins on 20 acres, successive generations of Hukins have maintained a focus on growing heritage British aroma varieties.

Krupicka Farm

Krupička Farm in Kozojedy, Saaz Region, Czech Republic

Saaz hops have been grown in this part of the Czech Republic for hundreds of years, and Miroslav Krupička has continued this tradition on his family’s farm when he started helping his parents with their three hectares of Saaz in 1994.

New Hoplands

New Hoplands in Rakau, Nelson, New Zealand

Colin’s early memories of the farm include taking days off school to pick hops, and fires burning in the kiln at night, tended by old men drinking beer while the hops dried.

Peterlippl Farm

Peterlippl Farm in Hallertau, Germany

Bartholomäus and Eleonore Obster are the 10th generation to farm Peterlippl, which was founded in 1661 by Kaspar Heckmaier, growing a mix of traditional and new varieties.

Peterlippl Farm

Plank in Hallertau, Germany

Founded in 1820 by Johann Schlagbauer, Anton and Beate are the 6th generation to farm Plank in Hallertau.

Virgil Gamache Farms

Virgil Gamache Farms in Washington, USA

Today, Virgil Gamache Farms (named for Albert’s son) is operated by 3rd generation family members Bernard and Steve and 4th generation members Darren and Andy.