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Ertel Filter Sheets (Micro-Media® Filter Pads)- M70

ertel filter sheets micro media filter pads m


The addition of filter aids and wet strength resin is unique to the Micro-Media® Series. The addition of these ingredients improves retention efficiencies by adding internal surface area and the positive charge known as Zeta-Potential.

Zeta-Potential is the positively charged site within the matrix of fibers and filter aids which attracts negatively charged particles which may be smaller than the pore sizes available in the filter pad.

Wet strength resins are steam sterilizable and are all free of formaldehyde. Filter aids used are Harborlite and/or Celite which also help to improve filtration efficiencies.

Ertel M70 (0.5 μm)

40cm sq, 100 sheets per case.

*Limited availability at certain warehouse locations