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    Hitempase® 2XL - 1 kg

    Used in the brewing industry for effective liquefaction of starch in grists containing up to 100% unmalted cereal (0.05- 0.1% on weight of dry grist) .

    KoppaKleer Tablets - 5 Lb

    Koppakleer tablets contain the purest form of kettle finings. As this is a highly-refined carrageenan it can be directly applied to the whirlpool or kettle at flameout as it only requires mixing into hot wort.

    Whirlfloc® T - 5 lb

    A semi-refined kettle fining agent derived from Eucheuma cottonii. It is negatively charged to attract positively charged proteins, leading to improved trub compaction, enhanced beer clarity & longer filter runs.

    Enzymes & Process Aids

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