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Employee Profile: Marc Worona

Marc in Germany.                                                                                      Marc during Movember.


Name: Marc Worona

Position: VP of Sales and Marketing

Office you work out of: Napa, CA

Where did you grow up? I am originally from a small town in Central Pennsylvania right in between Three Mile Island and the Hershey Chocolate factory.

What was the first beer that made a big impression on you? My beer epiphany was when I first tried Anchor Liberty Ale in college.  It was the first time I was able to say that I could actually taste and smell the unmistakable flavor and aroma of hops.  It made me want to figure out how to brew it on my own.

What is your favorite hop? I have two favorites. Cascade or Saaz, depending if it’s used in an ale or a lager.

What is your favorite beer or beer style? My favorite beer style is a hoppy Pilsner most of the time and a Bavarian-style Hefe Weizen in the summer.

What is your favorite food-beer pairing? My favorite food-beer pairing is beer and cheese.  The type of beer depends on the type of cheese.  But yes, its beer and cheese for me!

What activities do you enjoy in your free time?  I like to travel, hike, bike, go to wineries, cook, fish for Salmon and crabs, pull weeds, go to music shows, ride my BSG long board, and hang on the beaches of Northern CA.  I can also occasionally be found in one of my local pubs.

Share a food recipe that pairs well with a certain beer style:
One of my favorite recipes is for Oysters on a half shell.  It goes like this:

  1. Remove top shell
  2. Eat
  3. Repeat

Goes great with practically any beer, but there does seem to be a special thing about oysters and stout. As far as the type of Oysters, I prefer to keep it local.  Hog Island are my favorite.

Tell us a little something about yourself. I am married with two kids.  One Daughter is attending college in the fall (UC Davis), and the other is going to High School.  I’m not old, I just got an early start ☺.  I like to homebrew the occasional all-grain batch when I see new hops or malts.   I started to homebrew when I was 19 and I was the Brewmaster at Stoudt’s Brewery for 10 years (1995 to 2005).  And since I got my masters degree at the University of Oregon, I often say, “Go Ducks!”.  One last thing, the “W” in my last name is pronounced like a “V”.  My parents were from Ukraine, where they didn’t have “V’s” or “W’s”, so go figure.

This is all you’ll ever need to know about me… Except for my two years living as a mountain man.  You think I’m kidding?


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