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MYCOLASE® is a liquid fungal alpha-amylase from Aspergillus oryzae.

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DSM MYCOLASE® is an alpha amylase preparation that allows brewers to produce highly attenuated beer through the conversion of grain starches into fermentable sugars, mostly maltose.

MYCOLASE® helps to ensure that starch conversion is complete during mashing, thereby allowing the expected final attenuation to be attained.

Benefits to using MYCOLASE®:

  • MYCOLASE® aids in the production of maltose, allowing for a high degree of attenuation to be attainable in beer.
  • Fermentation that has become “stuck” can be stimulated with MYCOLASE®, so that the expected attenuation can be achieved.
  • Starch/dextrin turbidity in the finished beer is prevented by MYCOLASE®.
  • Organoleptic properties of the beer remain unchanged with the use of MYCOLASE®.

MYCOLASE® is recommended for use in mashing, or in the fermentation/maturation stages.

In fermentation/maturation, the recommended dosage is 1-4g/hL (1.2-4.8mL/hL) beer.

In mashing, MYCOLASE® is active up to 60°-65°C(140°-149°F) and has optimal activity in the range of 52°-62°C (125°-144°F). They enzyme is completely deactivated above 70°C (158°F).

Recommended dosage in the mash is 200-1000g/tonne (240-1200mL/tonne)

This product is particularly appropriate for use at temperature and pH conditions typical for fermentation and is also active at 0°C. If the product is used only for reduction of turbidity the addition should take place in maturation vessel.

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