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Distiller’s Malt Highlight: MCI Irish Distillers Malt


Malting Company of Ireland, Ltd. has been producing malt for brewers and distillers since 1858. Originating as a floor maltings attached to the Beamish & Crawford Brewery in Cork, MCI expanded with a Boby drum plant in 1965 in Ballincollig to supply Irish Distillers and Murphy’s. The plant was expanded in 1998 and upgraded again in 2000, now boasting state-of-the-art malting technology – including wash screw, CHP, and full automation – as well as an in-house lab.

MCI Irish Distillers malt is produced from Propino, a high-yielding spring barley. This low-color (1.25-1.75°L) malt is widely used in Ireland’s distilling industry and is a natural for Irish-style whiskey with a big fraction of raw barley, wheat, and/or oats. However, its combination of strong diastatic power and extract potential make it a very versatile player in many formulations – it’s an excellent source of extract as well as enzymes and works well in anything from bourbon to malt whiskeys.

For more information on MCI’s Irish Distillers malts or our other distilling products, please contact your sales manager.

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