BSG CraftBrewing offers an extensive range of domestic and imported hops.

All of our hops are hand selected for quality by our expert staff.  We buy only the very best quality from the best growers here in the United States, and around the world including Germany, England, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Australia, France and Slovenia.

2016 BSG Complete Hop Listing

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BSG Hops - Processing Facility

BSG has made a significant investment in a new hop processing facility in the Yakima valley area of Washington. This new facility means that BSG has complete control of the entire supply chain from bale receipt and storage to shipping of finished goods in one location.  To read more about the new facility, and BSG Hops, please click here.

Forward Contracting

We encourage brewers, both small and large, to forward contract for their hop requirements. By placing a contract, the brewer signals clear demands to the supply chain. Contracts enable the grower and distribution partners to plan and plant appropriately. Contracts are vital for a crop with high establishment costs. A hop contract placed with BSG is your assurance of supply and consistent quality. BSG is not owned by growers and so we are able to be strict on quality.

  • We work with the grower to manage disease issues
  • Limit spray applications, if necessary
  • Dictate the drying times and temperatures
  • Expedite hop deliveries from growers
  • Evaluate and select the best quality hops at harvest

When a brewer buys hops on the spot market, they have less control over quality, availability and price. Forward contracting assists in financing the industry by paying the grower soon after harvest, while permitting the brewer to manage their cash by drawing down their contract over the course of the year.

Packaging & Labeling

Whole leaf hops - 10 lb. & 50 lb. cartons | Type 90 pellets - 11 lb. & 44 lb. cartons | Labeled with crop year and lot number for complete traceability.

Product Guide