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Combating Chill Haze with Brewers Clarex®

New England-style IPA and Hefeweizen notwithstanding, the need to produce beers with a high degree of visual appeal and clarity without tying up limited tank space with cold conditioning is a continual challenge for today’s growing craft breweries. Brewers Clarex® has helped brewers of all sizes maximize efficiency and minimize time and resources used to achieve clear, bright beer that appeals to customers in your taproom or at the bottle shop. 

Brewers Clarex® relies on a proline-specific endopeptidase, a naturally occurring enzyme protein which can specifically degrade proline-rich proteins or small proteins which are the haze-sensitive proteins in the brewing process. Degrading these proteins prevents the formation of large complex aggregates with polyphenols, which become visible haze in beer. 

TL;DR – Clarex® prevents chill haze before it can form. 

What this means in the brewery:

  • Haze-free, stable beer without filtration or loss due to sedimentation
  • Reduced risk of oxygen pickup compared to other colloidal stability agents
  • No need to cold-condition – reduces tank residency time and energy use in cellar


The active endopeptidase also breaks down the gluten present in malted barley, so Brewers Clarex® can also be used to produce gluten-reduced beers from traditional malts. This can be another competitive advantage and selling point for your brand.

Brewers Clarex® is easy to work with and cost-effective: 1 kg can treat up to 500 hL (approx. 426 bbl). Exact dosage depends on wort parameters and intended use (stabilization vs. gluten reduction) – we have developed an interactive calculator to help you quickly and easily determine the optimal dose for your formulation and brew length.

 Please contact your CSR for more information or to try Brewers Clarex® in your next batch.

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