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COA 24/7: Hop & Malt Analyses from BSG

Beer is an agricultural product, and that normal variances in crop year, variety, and growing region of raw materials can have a big impact in the brewhouse, cellar, and shelf.

That’s why BSG has made it easier than ever to access certificates of analysis for our products on our website. Use your desktop or mobile device at any time to get lot-specific analyses for the malt and hops in your formulations.

BSG Hopshttps://coa.bsgcraft.com/HopAnalysis

Lot-specific values to fine-tune your hop bill. The link to our Hop COA Lookup is embedded in the header of every page on bsgcraftbrewing.com.  Select country of origin, variety, and type (cone or pellet) from the dropdowns, then enter the QR code or lot number printed on each hop box or bag.

Note:  at this time of this writing, hop COA lookup is available for 2016 crop year or newer.

BSG Maltshttps://coa.bsgcraft.com/certificate-of-analysis/

Brewing values for malts from Crisp Malting Group, Malting Company of Ireland, Rahr Malting Co., Simpsons Malt, and Weyermann®. Like the Hop COA, the link to our Malt Lot Analysis is embedded in the header of every page on bsgcraftbrewing.com.  Select the maltster and product from the dropdowns, then enter the lot number from the sack.

Other options from suppliers:

Crisp Malting Group’s COA Lookup App

Crisp began printing QR codes directly onto bag labels at the end of 2015. The QR codes link through to the analyses for individual batches of malt, allowing customers easier access to this important information. The Crisp app is required to scan the QR codes printed on Crisp malt sack labels.

Simpsons Malts’ new website

Although the analyses provided are general, Simpsons’ revamped website (launched in November 2016) puts users just one click away from specs on their full line of brewing and distilling malts.

If you cannot find the malt or hop lot analysis you are looking for, please call a Customer Service Representative at 800-374-2739, or reach them by email at sales@bsgcraft.com.

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