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Chevallier Heritage Malt


“Malt is the new hops.” – that’s a statement we’ve been hearing lately from brewers. The demand for unique ingredients is driving innovation in beer styles, flavor, and malthouse production.  

In response to this demand, Crisp Malting Group has begun developing a range of heritage malts with New Heritage Barley of Norwich, England, to complement Crisp’s range of premium malts and excellent floor malts. This includes malt made from Chevallier, a barley variety first selected for malting in the 1820’s and which by the late 19th century was being used globally for malt production.

Only 5 tons of Chevallier barley was available from the 2014 crop, resulting in only 4 tons of the precious malt, made at Crisp’s No. 19 floor malting in Great Ryburgh, Norfolk.

BSG CraftBrewing, exclusive distributors of Crisp Malt in the US have imported the first Chevallier Heritage Malt available in the US and have arranged for several notable breweries to run brewing trials on this very limited first production. Crisp plans to increase production of Chevallier with the 2015 crop, and continue to develop exciting malts to meet the demands of brewers, and their consumers.

After all, malt is the new hops.

Stay tuned to this space for developing news about Chevallier malt and the brewing trials!

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