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CBC 2014 – BASECAMP set up


Well, we made it to Denver.  From all over the country, the BSG CraftBrewing crew converged to work as one. Setting up BASECAMP for the 2014 Craft Brewers Conference.

It wasn’t easy, there where certainly some unforeseen hurdles; parking tickets, multiple trips to Home Depot, marshaling yards out in industrial wastelands, and some last minutes fixes. All for the love of beer right?

The only way we got it done was through teamwork, a strong vision and plan, and the desire to treat our customers to a great experience.  Our awesome suppliers were also on hand, working away to create unique booth experiences as well – Crisp Malting, UK Brewing, HVG, Weyermann®, Simpsons, Castle, Patagonia Malts, Fermentis, Rahr Malting Co., and Murphy & Sons are what make BASECAMP the best darn place on the BrewExpo America® floor.


So what now?  Get the show started of course!  

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