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    Castle Malting™

    Castle Malting™ The Malts from the Country of Beer

    Belgium is the beer Mecca of the world. The unique properties of Belgian malts are essential to all famous Belgian beers just as much as the unique brewing processes. Belgian malts offer qualities and performance profiles that differ markedly from malts produced anywhere else. They have unique characteristics in terms of flavors, clarity of wort, color, yield and other parameters.

    Established in 1868, Castle Malting™ is the oldest malting company in Belgium and is renowned for its individuality, as well as for its uncompromising standards of malt quality. Castle Malting™ has an outstanding line of base and specialty malts producing more than 60 types of malt which are successfully exported to more than 122 countries.

    All Castle Malting™ malts are produced using the traditional process from 8 up to 10 days which is a solid warranty of high modification of the grain and real top quality of premium malts. Castle Malting™ malts are 100% traceable from barley field through all stages of malting process up to the delivery.

    To see the full line of malts available from Castle Malting™, please visit their website HERE.

    Malt is available in 50/55lb sacks, super sacks (totes), and bulk - please contact your Sales Manager to determine which size is right for you.  Smaller samples sizes are also available upon request.