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Candico – Belgian Candi

Candico Candi Sugar

Sourced directly from Belgium, BSG CraftBrewing offers authentic Belgian Candi Sugars in your choice of syrup, rock, or soft.

Belgians have been using Candico sugar since the 15th century, and with amazing success. It was used mainly for flavor enhancement but the trend in strong beers during the 19th century saw its popularity increase. Today, it has many uses. Suitable for use in many beer styles as well as different points in process, these sugars deliver extract, color, and flavor that simply cannot be duplicated.

Candi sugars in their simplest form are an inverted sugar traditionally derived from sugar beets. Inverting sugar is achieved by splitting sucrose molecules into smaller fructose and dextrose molecules through the addition of heat and acid. This creates a combination of smaller, highly fermentable sugars. It is a process called caramelization – similar to that of malt.

Brewing sugars add fermentable sugars for yeast, increasing gravity in beer without adding body. A great choice for double IPA’s and priming bottle conditioned beers. Belgian candi sugars boost gravity in beers while adding a range of flavor accents from honey to toffee and caramel. A great choice for all Belgian style ales, these sugars are available in rock form and easy-to-use syrups.

We have many products available from Candico. Check them out here or contact your sales manager for more information!

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