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BSG Hops Presents: Supporting Public Hops

“The USDA has been breeding hops since the 1930s,” begins Dr. Kayla Altendorf, USDA-ARS Research Geneticist. That sounds like a good amount of expertise, doesn’t it?

Her job, which you can learn about in the video embedded below, is to help develop new hop varieties and improve the breeding performance of the ones we’ve got. The program she leads is publicly funded by taxpayers. First thing: That’s a great use of tax dollars, Uncle Sam. Second thing: That means anyone can make use of the hops and methodologies they develop, license-free, no fees, better beer for one and all.

BSG is proud to support this essential work, as it benefits hop farmers, brewers, and the greater hop and brewing industries. Watch the video and get brewin’!

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