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BSG and Rahr Malting Co. Introduce Malt Bag Recycling Project

Beginning in spring 2022, BSG and Rahr Malting Co.® are introducing a program for local customers to recycle empty malt bags. In partnership with Bauhaus Brew LabsNative SustainabilityTattersall Distilling, and Wexford Services, the initial launch of the Malt Bag Recycling Project will serve as a pilot for future versions with collection sites around the country.

The pilot phase of this project is only available to customers in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. It is free to users as we work to prove the viability of the recycling process and material.

The Malt Bag Recycling Project creates a way for breweries and distilleries to collect, store, consolidate, and transport empty 50 lb. malt bags, supersacks, and rail liners made of woven #5 polyester – regardless of malt supplier, not just those from BSG or Rahr products.

When placing an order with BSG, participants will be able to request a pick-up of collected bags. BSG’s delivery drivers will collect the bags and return them to a dedicated collection site, where they will be collated and transported for recycling. Each bag will be recycled domestically into a variety of materials and products.

“We are very excited about this and other initiatives in the works,” says Jordan Srock, BSG’s Outbound Logistics Manager and architect of the Malt Bag Recycling Program. “It’s a great feeling when our own company’s values align with those of our customers, and we’re able to offer a sustainability solution like this at no cost to craft brewers and distillers.”

Please watch this space for updates on this and other sustainability initiatives from BSG and Rahr.

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