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    Leopold Bros. Distiller's Malt

    Coming Spring 2020 This is the malt that Leopold Bros. have been using for years to create their Vodkas and Whiskies. Leopold Bros. spirits are made without using exogenous enzymes in the mash tun for starch conversion.

    Leopold Bros. Malted Oats

    Coming Spring 2020 Leopold Bros. Malted Oats is produced with carefully selected USDA organic oats, certified by Oregon Tilth.

    Leopold Bros. Pale Ale

    Coming Spring 2020 Leopold Bros. uses higher and more sustained temperatures during curing, lifting the color of this Pale Malt and releasing richer malt notes, as well as true palate fullness.

    Leopold Bros. Pilsner Malt

    Coming Spring 2020 Leopold Bros. Pilsner Malt is germinated on the floor at traditionally cool temperatures, allowing for thorough beta glucan degradation, while at the same time slowing the synthesis of enzymes, lowering the diastatic power of the finished malt.

    Leopold Bros. Whiskey Malt

    Coming Spring 2020 This is the malt used at Leopold Bros. to create their malt whiskey, which is fermented, distilled, and laid down in Oloroso Sherry Butts at a low entry proof of 50% abv.

    Brewers and Distillers Malts

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