Employee Profile: Marc Worona

Marc in Germany.                                                                                      Marc during Movember.

Name: Marc Worona

Position: VP of Sales and Marketing

Office you work out of: Napa, CA

Fashion Forward

I received a heads up on another video making the rounds in the craft brewing world - featuring a collab-brew-ation between Karben4 Brewing and Summit Brewing. Seems like there are a whole lot of brewers out there with an affinity for our great-looking BSG schwag.  =)

Thanks for reppin’ BSG in your video Ryan. We’re looking forward to having a go at that tasty collab as well. Cheers!


There comes a time when one feels the need to branch out, explore new territory and see what exists beyond the norm.  That kind of time has come for BSG in the form of the craft cider explosion in the United States.  It’s no secret that cider is on the rise in the U.S., and it’s not just cideries making it happen; wineries, micros, brewpubs and regional breweries are getting involved in a big way as well. The demand for cider making ingredients is knocking on the door.

Post CBC

The 2014 Craft Brewers Conference is in the books.  What an experience!  We want to thank our amazing customers, fantastic suppliers and the BA staff for helping make this the best CBC to date.  Also, we were overwhelmed by all the new friends and faces we met last week. 

CBC - BSG Basecamp

CBC 2014 - BASECAMP set up

Well, we made it to Denver.  From all over the country, the BSG CraftBrewing crew converged to work as one. Setting up BASECAMP for the 2014 Craft Brewers Conference.


One of the newest hops on the scene, Medusa™ is unlike anything you’ve encountered before. Native to Colorado and New Mexico, humulus lupulus neomexicanus is an entirely different species from its European cousin, humuls lupulus lupulus.  Grown exclusively by CLS Farms in Yakima WA, where 8 different varieties of neo-mexicanus are being developed.

Mandarina Pils

Many of BSG CraftBrewing’s Sales Managers have a background as brewers.  Now and then, they get a chance to put on the rubber boots, roll up their sleeves, and get back in the brewhouse.

CBC 2014 Preview


Thousands of craft brewers and craft beer industry folks from around the world are about to gather in Denver CO, for the 2014 Craft Brewers Conference and World Beer Cup, put on by the Brewers Association.  From April 8th – 11th , and the week leading up, Denver will become the center of the Craft Brewing Universe.

Hoppy Trails


Check out the new article by Craft Brewing Business, which features our very own Sean McGree (@BSGHops) doing what he does best - talking hops!

Malt is who we are


At BSG, we get used to having malt all around us; stacked in one of our many warehouses across the US, samples in our offices, put to use at the breweries we visit, and sold through homebrew shops to the professional brewers of tomorrow.