Brewery Local: Alibi Ale Works

Alibi Ale Works
Incline Village, Nevada 

Population: 8,777


The small town of Incline Village sits on the picturesque north shore of Lake Tahoe. During the mining boom in the late 1800s, lumber for the mines was harvested from the abundant timber supplies around Lake Tahoe. The lumber hauled up 1,400 feet on an incline railway and then dropped through a gravity flume down the western side of the mountain to Carson City.

Today, Incline Village is an extremely popular vacation destination which means that a significant portion of the population seasonal. But it is also a town of artists. Having more artists, designers and people working in media than 90% of the communities in America, artistry and craftsmanship help mold the character of the town.

As the nation experiences the new boom of craft beer, we checked in at Alibi Ale Works and spoke with co-owner and brewer Kevin Drake.

Customer Profile: DC Brau and Weyermann Barke® Malts


This post originally appeared on the BSG HandCraft blog. 

BSG is the exclusive distributor of Weyermann® Barke® malts to brewers in North America. This heirloom barley once enjoyed the highest reputation among German brewers and was the most widely used barley variety. Barke® brings an intense malt flavor, full-body and helps promote conditions for improved head retention. 

Located on the outskirts of the epicenter of world political power in Washington D.C., the majestic barley fields of Germany combine inside a 1950s industrial building where Jeff Hancock (Head Brewer, President and Co-Founder of DC Brau Brewing Co.) brewed an Oktoberfest formulated with Barke® malts.

Hop Pellet Quality

Willamette T-90 pellets ready to ship

When it comes to hops, there’s no substitute for quality. For many craft brewers, who are typically using smaller lots of a wide range of hop varieties, understanding the pelletization process and importance of pellet density can help ensure optimal results. 

New Managing Director for Crisp Malting Group

Crisp Malting Group, the British maltsters who supply craft brewers across the US via BSG CraftBrewing, has just announced the appointment of a new managing director. Adrian Dyter, currently global category manager at Carlsberg, will succeed Euan Macpherson in the early summer. Euan will be retiring after 29 years with Crisp and a lifetime career embracing the brewing, distilling and malting industries.

Current managing director Euan Macpherson will retire after 29 years at Crisp

Brewery Local: Defiance Brewing

Defiance Brewing Company 
Hays, Kansas

Population: 21,038

18th century Russia may seem an incongruous starting point for a story about a small town Kansas brewery, but when Catherine the Great issued her 1763 manifesto encouraging emigration from Germany, a chain of events became the grist that would ferment over generations and seas into a scrappy upstart brewery in the heart of America.

Brewery Local: Montgomery Brewing

Brewery Local: Montgomery Brewing

Before eating local, shopping local, sourcing local and anything else local was in vogue, there was a time when the distinction did not exist because everything was simply local.  With a tinge of nostalgia, this blog shines a light on some of the BSG customers that sow the seeds of reemergence of the small “local” brewery.

Cheers to 50 years of Maris Otter!

Check out this video from SGA celebrating 50 years of Maris Otter.

BSG Hops receives bales for the first time!

BSG Hops received it’s first ever bale delivery at our new processing facility in Wapato WA yesterday.  The delivery was 129 bales of Willamette hops from Wyckoff Farms. 

Humulus U West - Agenda now available!

Humulus U West is filling up quick, there are limited spaces left. 

John Guzman recieves Tom Reap Master Brewer Award


This past Saturday, BSG CraftBrewing’s Southern Region Sales Manager John Guzman, received the Tom Reap Master Brewer Award from the MBAA at the District Texas MBAA Summer Conference in Kerryville TX.