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Brewery Local: Roets Jordan Brewery

Jordan, MN
Population: 5,873 

It sounds like the start of a bad joke: How many landslides does it take to start a brewery? The historic Jordan Brewery was built in 1866 and has survived a multitude of tribulations: prohibition, a fire, abandonment and plans to tear it down. Built at the base of a river bluff where caves could be carved into the hillside to lager beer, its location would ultimately be its downfall. 

Brewery Local: Crane Brewing

Raytown, MO

Population: 29,510

Raytown, MO was once known as the “Lost Township” when an 1826 Jackson County survey declared the tough prairie grassland to not be worth measuring. William Ray disagreed and set up a blacksmith shop at the crossroads of many important settler trails, developing a center for trade and gathering. What began as a humble Santa Fe Trail stop for early 19th century pioneers heading west, Raytown has grown into an important economic development corridor blending the best of modern urban and suburban life.

That pioneering spirit important to Raytown’s namesake has not been lost on Michael Crane. Michael may seem the unlikely subject of a brewery story: he never was much of a beer drinker. But a fateful clearance sale and an innate scientific inquisitiveness transformed into a passion for exquisitely crafted beer. Toss in whimsical experimentation with exotic ingredients and styles, and you’ll understand the soul of Crane Brewing. We spoke with Michael to get the full story.