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Koda Energy: The Power Behind Rahr Malt

Every bag of Rahr malt produced at the Shakopee, MN maltings is printed with a distinctive icon: a dinosaur inside a circle and bar. For the thousands of breweries who use Rahr malts, that icon – indicating “Fossil-Free Malting” - might be the only indication that Koda Energy exists.

Hidden from the street by towering grain elevators and surrounded by tall malthouses, the power plant that supplies energy to the Rahr Malting Co. campus may be easy to miss, but it is unique in the world and indispensible to the malt you rely on: 100% of the power for Rahr Malting comes from Koda.

Rahr 50lb. Bagged Malt – information now printed on gusset of bag

Starting on April 9th, Rahr will begin printing the lot code, date code, product name and product sku directly onto the gusset of the bags. The colored tag will still be attached, but there will no longer be standard analysis/certificate of analysis (COA) information listed on the tag. 


Rahr Malting Co. - Malt of Reputation

Rahr Malting Co.

Rahr Corporation was founded on the shores of Lake Michigan in 1847 by German immigrant and brewer, William Rahr. Over 166 years later, the company is still owned and operated by the Rahr family, now in its 5th and 6th generations.