Blog posts of '2016' 'June'

Copa Cervezas de América

BSG CraftBrewing is proud to be a sponsor of the Copa Cervezas de América!We have been involved with this event since 2011 and continue to support the mission of promoting craft beer in Latin America and beyond. All professional brewers in North and South America are invited to participate - more info here.

USDA: US Hop Acreage Up for 2016

The USDA has released its annual hop acreage report for the United States. In the Pacific Northwest acreage for 2016 is up 17% over last year, with significant increases devoted to aroma varieties including Azacca™, Citra™, and Mosaic™. According to the USDA's National Agriculture Statistics Service, Idaho and Washington are expecting to string record high acreage, and, at a national level, the highest acreage since 1915.

Read the full report here.

Combating Chill Haze with Brewers Clarex®

New England-style IPA and Hefeweizen notwithstanding, the need to produce beers with a high degree of visual appeal and clarity without tying up limited tank space with cold conditioning is a continual challenge for today’s growing craft breweries. Brewers Clarex® has helped brewers of all sizes maximize efficiency and minimize time and resources used to achieve clear, bright beer that appeals to customers in your taproom or at the bottle shop.